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2:38pm 05-02-2017
Genuine comments only please, Sophie
2:36pm 05-02-2017
I wish you well, Colin and have emailed you privately with some information.
4:26pm 04-27-2017
Jackie Maltby
Hello Helen,

I found your article to be very informative, and helped me to plan a holiday for the hubby and kiddies. Thank you!
3:25pm 04-27-2017
Hello Ms. Werin, I am looking for an internship in your industry. Please can you help, advise, offer any tips? I am a final year media studies student looking to become a travel writer; I stress a writer, not a blogger or a poster of any description on social media. If I am honest, I would like to be the next Paul Theroux, or even Bill Bryson! I would welcome very much any information. Yours faithfully, Colin Patrick, Belford, N'berland.
9:46am 03-02-2017
Helen Werin
Thanks for the compliment, Mary! There's a string of my features coming up in MMM inc. the current April edition.
9:28am 02-27-2017
Hello Helen,
We met at the NEC and i am in charge of the Tourisme for Pink Granite Coast, we spoke about an opportunity to work together and for us to highlight your previuous articles on our web site
I hope we can go ahead and i Look forward to hearing from you!
Thanking you for the opportunity
12:53pm 02-24-2017
Mary Probert
Why can't you write an article for every issue of MMM? Yours are the best!
Mary P, Shrewsbury
1:38pm 04-20-2016
sandra clarke
sup m8 i lurve your atricles
2:04pm 03-11-2016
'Great article on Yorkshire and York in MMM; 'loving the piccy of Castle Howard fountain. Also lovin' the comments about your daughter - reading between the lines I wonder what she really thinks of going to castles, stately homes and museums. Best wishes and keep up the good work, Judy
1:19pm 10-17-2014
Helen Werin
I have had quite a few comments about good ol' Birmingham. It is a GREAT place for a short break, especially in the wet weather and there are lots of free things to do and see as well. I have to comment upon the friendliness of the Brummies too!
1:16pm 10-17-2014
James Brown (not HIM
Fantastic article on Birmingham in MMM which has been very useful to us penny-pinchers staying on the NEC show camp site. Great advice about the museums; the art gallery museum should not be missed. everyone! We loved Robins picture of the front of Selfridges ( it tis Selfridges, isn it?) with the spire of the church. Keep up the good work. It really stands out.
9:29pm 06-24-2014
Sarah Miller
Hope to see some more of Spain! I loved that article. It was very inspiring for my next year's holiday abroad thankyou!
2:16pm 02-07-2014
Brian and JO
Loved your article on Cantabria. I had to ask myself where was it before I realised it was Spain. Now I know, we'll be off there. Thanks so much for the inspiration. When are we going to see some more on Northern Spain?
Brian and Jo Jenkins, Cardiff.
11:09am 12-06-2013
Hello mum. At clumber park, my spider rating was outsatading, the whole time I was there I only saw one spider in a toilet cubicle.
Bye bye!
11:18am 10-01-2013
Thank you Nicole for the comments; it is really lovely to get feedback. I also like to know if people are inspired to visit places I've written about.
So... here's another great place for a cheap weekend. I've just returned from Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire. There's a NT camp site here close to the lake and visitor centre etc, which is very pleasant, v clean toilets/showers (which rate very highly on the Sophie Spider Scale (ie. max.of one per cubicle in this particular facility at time of visit!), small shop, wardens on site. It's £13 per night until end of October. Clumber Park has a fantastic free adventure playground, a Discovery Centre (free) which small children would find interesting; an indoor soft play (charge) for little 'uns, but parents can have a cuppa there; loads of space to run around in, beautiful trees to climb, play hide and seek in etc., walks through woodland, parkland, across heaths; glades for picnics - a great place for cycling, too. Canada geese, swans, loads of ducks to feed. If you stay on the NT site you won't have to pay the parking charge (I think it's £6). I wrote another article about this area of Sherwood Forest for Camping Magazine, Sept 2013, if anyone is interested.
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