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9:29pm 06-24-2014
Sarah Miller
Hope to see some more of Spain! I loved that article. It was very inspiring for my next year's holiday abroad thankyou!
2:16pm 02-07-2014
Brian and JO
Loved your article on Cantabria. I had to ask myself where was it before I realised it was Spain. Now I know, we'll be off there. Thanks so much for the inspiration. When are we going to see some more on Northern Spain?
Brian and Jo Jenkins, Cardiff.
11:09am 12-06-2013
Hello mum. At clumber park, my spider rating was outsatading, the whole time I was there I only saw one spider in a toilet cubicle.
Bye bye!
11:18am 10-01-2013
Thank you Nicole for the comments; it is really lovely to get feedback. I also like to know if people are inspired to visit places I've written about.
So... here's another great place for a cheap weekend. I've just returned from Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire. There's a NT camp site here close to the lake and visitor centre etc, which is very pleasant, v clean toilets/showers (which rate very highly on the Sophie Spider Scale (ie. max.of one per cubicle in this particular facility at time of visit!), small shop, wardens on site. It's £13 per night until end of October. Clumber Park has a fantastic free adventure playground, a Discovery Centre (free) which small children would find interesting; an indoor soft play (charge) for little 'uns, but parents can have a cuppa there; loads of space to run around in, beautiful trees to climb, play hide and seek in etc., walks through woodland, parkland, across heaths; glades for picnics - a great place for cycling, too. Canada geese, swans, loads of ducks to feed. If you stay on the NT site you won't have to pay the parking charge (I think it's £6). I wrote another article about this area of Sherwood Forest for Camping Magazine, Sept 2013, if anyone is interested.
4:58pm 09-15-2013
Hello Helen!
I am Nicole, mother to Teddy, 2, and the twins Mia and Molly, aged 9.Recently, my husband lost his job and we were finding it very difficult due to the current circumstances to find the money and the time to go abroad to France in the summer holidays, like we always did. The twins were devastated to hear this, for they loved going to France and Ted says he loved building sandcastles on the beaches at La Rochelle, bless! Anyway, we are tent campers and members of the camping and caravanning club. I was delighted to find your articles in there, because I had come across your name before.. I would like to thank you for producing grat, detailed family articles! Now me and my children and husband can, at a low cost, isit places in England that we never even knew were there! It's fascinating! It's glorious! It's cooooooool.

Thanks so much,
Nicole Taylor-Dean
9:53am 08-20-2013
Melissa riley, 25
Your articles are, like, SO amazing! And Robin's pictures are the icing on the cake! No, the cherry on the cake! I want to eat a cake like that right now. Oh, I'm so hungry. I better go get some lunch! I'm on the roooooll.

Anyway, I ♥ your articles, they are better than ANYONE else. Thank you bye!
9:43am 08-20-2013
'Keep up the good work'
9:42pm 04-02-2013
Sadie Miller-Clarke
i'm loving your articles ♥
just passed by on google, will pass on the word!
Sadie Miller-Clarke
9:40pm 04-02-2013
Julia Kidlington
Hello Helen,
I would just like to thank you for producing wonderful, detailed articles that, for the benifit of the reader, are very detailed indeed. Every year I book a holiday for 2 weeks, in Wales. I love it there, but it is a bit same-ish after a while. However, your articles inspired me and made me realise there is a lot more out there than just Wales! Also, another article that inspired me to visit a place was your excellent Milton Keynes article. I must admit, I would never have thought to ever stop by there. I really enjoy your atricles. Keep up the good work, Helen!
Pass on my compliments to Robin Weaver, if you may.
He is a genius of his own!
Julia Kidlington
12:26pm 01-01-2013
Thank you to Tahlia and everyone else who has commented recently. Britain may have a pretty poor reputation weather-wise but the trick is to come well-prepared (ie, good quality, top-to-toe waterproofs) and then you won't care what the weather throws at you. Plus, you will have the countryside/coast, wherever you may be, mostly all to yourself as everyone else will be inside. Britain's got some fantastic castles (Caernarfon is my all-time favourite, but the Northumbrian ones are pretty dramatic), stately homes and heaps of fascinating heritage sites where you can take shelter, if necessary, or there's always a cosy pub....
5:01pm 12-22-2012
Tahlia Jackson
Greetings Ma'am
I am here to promote you to the editor of your magazine as your articles are simply outstanding. I live in Australia, but reading your articles on England, they make me want to visit there now, despite what people say about the weather there!
Yours faithfully
3:20pm 04-22-2011
Sophia Rowell
I love france. Don't you? The weather is just so warm and the people are so nice, i might even go again, after the sucess of last year's summer camp. And your writing makes it sound even better that it actually is helen!
2:35pm 04-21-2011
Coleena Monhatan
I agree with you Helen Werin, Robin Weaver has fantastic pictures that are perfect for your fully detailed articles. Well done!
4:30pm 04-15-2011
Samuel Joolan
I have visited Scotland, as my Mother-in-law lives there and love to travel there. I have been there no less than 6 times, and at this very moment, i am sitting in my room in The Crianlarich Hotel in Scotland typing this up. And why? Becuse it is amazing. The landscape in marvellous.
2:30pm 04-15-2011
Thanks so much to everyone who passed comment! I will be adding more content soon. Not everything that I have published can be put on here, particularly six page articles in MMM with Robin Weaver's fantastic pictures.
Please let me know if you visit any of the places I have written about and what you think of them. Helen Werin.
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