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4:35pm 04-13-2011
Mia Sandy
4:35pm 04-13-2011
Andrea West
I love your job!
4:33pm 04-13-2011
Robbie Davison
I really like robin weaver's photos, but your writing makes the articles even more wonderful!
4:32pm 04-13-2011
Sinita Garederea
I love your articles helen werin! well done
4:14pm 04-11-2011
Aimee Campbell
I really like the idea of being a travelwriter, i think i might become one!
4:12pm 04-11-2011
Vanessa Huddy
I really like your work, it sounds really interesting!
5:37pm 03-22-2011
zara sharif
i really want to go to a city break somewhere and i think i might go somewhere you wrote about because they soung really relaxing and nice.
5:34pm 03-22-2011
freya colloda
i really must visit some of these wonderful places one day!
1:26am 03-07-2011
Really enjoyed reading some of your articles of various places I know well.
Accurate and informative...thank you.x
9:17am 03-06-2011
Eliza Frank
Keep up the good work Helen Werin!
9:14am 03-06-2011
Lou Carter
I am booking a holiday for France this year, it sounds fabulous!
4:39pm 03-01-2011
Luke B.
Your articles are so detailed, I must visit some of those places some day! Great work!
12:54pm 11-26-2010
Hi Helen; when are we going to see more of your touring features in Camping and Caravanning? We went to Les Capucines after reading the Pink Granite Coast feature; fantastic trip! The mag is quite boring - it needs more of your features to inspire people.
Keep up the good work, Mark.
2:13pm 05-06-2010
janet & john
HI Helen, been to see heronry yesterday 5th May. Looking from layby are nests on left hand side herons too? Are there cormorants nesting also?
Regards Janet &John
2:40pm 01-18-2010
Constantly amazed and impressed by the spread of papers you get your articles in. Any tips? I'm a budding freelance and struggle. Is there a way of targeting title that are syndicated - or do you target individual editors?

Hope to hear from you

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