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1:44pm 05-15-2018
I noticed on your site that you travel with your teenage daughter frequently. As a parent of a 14 year old daughter myself, do you have any reccommendations for where I could take her? I want to her enjoy the holiday with the wife and I, so are there any enjoyable places for all three of us?
3:01pm 04-20-2018
Thank you for the reply, Helen! I will certainly keep an eye out and take my coin purse to WHsmith to buy the copies!
Thanks again,
1:02pm 04-08-2018
Hello Astrid and thank you for your kind comments. Articles from our major European tour are in the last few issues of MMM: Switzerland/March 2018 Austria/ April 2018; Slovenia/ May 2018; Lake Constance/ June 2018 and Cheshire/ July 2018.
2:37pm 03-12-2018
Hi Helen, I was just wondering when your next article for MMM is going to be released? I absolutely love your pieces, and aim to buy every issue that you have an article in. An MMM issue without Ms. Werin inside is absolute sacrilege!
Hope you have a nice day,
2:38pm 05-02-2017
Genuine comments only please, Sophie
2:36pm 05-02-2017
I wish you well, Colin and have emailed you privately with some information.
4:26pm 04-27-2017
Jackie Maltby
Hello Helen,

I found your article to be very informative, and helped me to plan a holiday for the hubby and kiddies. Thank you!
3:25pm 04-27-2017
Colin Patrick
Hello Ms. Werin, I am looking for an internship in your industry. Please can you help, advise, offer any tips? I am a final year media studies student looking to become a travel writer; I stress a writer, not a blogger or a poster of any description on social media. If I am honest, I would like to be the next Paul Theroux, or even Bill Bryson! I would welcome very much any information. Yours faithfully, Colin Patrick, Belford, N'berland.
9:46am 03-02-2017
Helen Werin
Thanks for the compliment, Mary! There's a string of my features coming up in MMM inc. the current April edition.
9:28am 02-27-2017
Yann Le Bris
Hello Helen,
We met at the NEC and i am in charge of the Tourisme for Pink Granite Coast, we spoke about an opportunity to work together and for us to highlight your previuous articles on our web site
I hope we can go ahead and i Look forward to hearing from you!
Thanking you for the opportunity
12:53pm 02-24-2017
Mary Probert
Why can't you write an article for every issue of MMM? Yours are the best!
Mary P, Shrewsbury
1:38pm 04-20-2016
sandra clarke
sup m8 i lurve your atricles
2:04pm 03-11-2016
'Great article on Yorkshire and York in MMM; 'loving the piccy of Castle Howard fountain. Also lovin' the comments about your daughter - reading between the lines I wonder what she really thinks of going to castles, stately homes and museums. Best wishes and keep up the good work, Judy
1:19pm 10-17-2014
Helen Werin
I have had quite a few comments about good ol' Birmingham. It is a GREAT place for a short break, especially in the wet weather and there are lots of free things to do and see as well. I have to comment upon the friendliness of the Brummies too!
1:16pm 10-17-2014
James Brown (not HIM
Fantastic article on Birmingham in MMM which has been very useful to us penny-pinchers staying on the NEC show camp site. Great advice about the museums; the art gallery museum should not be missed. everyone! We loved Robins picture of the front of Selfridges ( it tis Selfridges, isn it?) with the spire of the church. Keep up the good work. It really stands out.
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